Information for Actors

If you’re an actor, and you’re looking for representation, then we’d be happy to talk.

Please take a look at this page which has some basic information about what we do, what we ask for, and suchlike.

Actors with us…

  • should be native speakers of English or speak English to native level (this can be British, American, Australian, etc)
  • should be normally resident in the EU
  • have a solid record of credits on IMDb for film/tv
  • have professional headshots (less than 6 months old) and showreel(s)
  • should have a Spotlight profile and ideally profiles on enCAST and e-talenta
  • be aged 18+

We’re happy to take a look at all submissions, but unfortunately we are unable to take on an actor who does not fulfil the above criteria.

If we can work together…

If we think that we may be able to help you in your acting career, we will send you a full contract to sign with us.

In general, the contract states that:

  • we will act as your non-exclusive agent (i.e. you are free to use other agents)
  • we charge a commission of 15% for all work we find for you


If you are happy with these, why not send us your details.